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Our expectation for an autonomous lift truck is simple: it must be as flexible as a manned lift truck. In concrete terms this means:

  1. The vehicle can pick up and deliver pallets anywhere in the area
  2. The vehicle moves at a reasonable speed
  3. The vehicle can avoid obstacles
  4. The vehicle truly works without any intervention by employees.

100% autonomous is when…

  • the vehicle navigation is implemented completely without interfering with the building structure, i.e. without reflectors, nodes, anchor points or similar auxiliary points to be mounted and measured
  • obstacles are avoided without assistance and within safe distances
  • pallets can be picked up and dropped off freely in the area, without pickup and drop-off stands
  • the vehicle battery is charged during use without the assistance of warehouse workers
  • the user himself can adapt the tracks to changed requirements.


  • Autonomous navigation
  • Autonomous obstacle avoidance provided there is a sufficient safety distance
  • Autonomous pallet pickup and drop-off
  • Autonomous battery charging
  • Autonomous adaptation of the driving routes by the user
  • Fast: max. 7 km/h is often also the limit for forklift drivers in halls.
„Unser Ziel war die Entwicklung tatsächlich autonomer Stapler, die die Einsatzflexibilität bemannter Stapler bieten. Als Tracking-Spezialist legen wir dabei natürlich Wert auf eine automatische Warenverfolgung.“ 
Michael Wack, managing partner, IdentPro GmbH

In addition, our AMR trucks are equipped with the Warehouse Execution System. The Warehouse Execution System synchronizes the data flow with the material flow. This ensures automated pallet tracking when pallets are exchanged with appropriately equipped manned forklifts. This eliminates the need for barcode scanning by workers assigned to this task and forklift drivers.