identpro® CARRI revolutionizes intralogistics. The fully autonomous transport robot was developed to meet the requirements of collaborative use with manual forklifts. CARRI serves any sources and sinks and optionally enables scan-free, continuous pallet tracking through integration into the identpro® traffic and order management system.


Autonomous operation…

IdentPro boosts the efficiency of intralogistics to a new level. The identpro® CARRI product was developed to autonomise the pick up and arbitrary transport of pallets in typical intralogistics indoor environments. Without altering your infrastructure, the robot´s navigation system is solely based on the contour of the environment, even in fast changing spaces.

  • True autonomous navigation including obstacle avoidance

  • Picks up pallets from ground even in slanting position

  • 24/7 operation possible due to Li-Ion battery technology


… meets collaboration …

Today’s autonomous or automatic vehicles are not able to provide all operations in the intralogistics flow. For these cases manual forklifts will still be required at least for the next decade. Thanks to our digital twin algorithms, the identpro CARRI product allows the seamless identification and tracking of pallets regardless of the type of vehicle. This unique feature allows mixed fleets of manual and autonomous vehicles to be optimally deployed depending on the application.

  • Seamless automatic identification and tracking of pallets

  • Optimal usage of mixed fleets

  • Advanced safety system guaranteeing protection of people, trucks and goods at all times

… to revolutionise warehouse operations

The future of intralogistics is digital and autonomous. IdentPro accompanies this change and provides the appropriate technology to enable successful intralogistics. Using the contour-based positioning, the digital twin technology or the autonomous transport of pallets allow you build your flexible and scaleable solution which best suits your needs. According to a survey by research firm Gartner at the end of 2018, talent shortage is the top emerging risk faced by businesses worldwide. With identpro® CARRI you are well prepared to mitigate this risk for your intralogistics.

  • Substitute manual transports and allowing exempt forklift drivers to take on new, higher-value tasks

  • 24/7 operation possible

  • Humans, trucks and robots can work in a shared environment

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