Seamless goods tracking & control, fast food processing and shorter delivery times of fresh fruits are now the standard at Sant’Orsola in Northern Italy. With IdentPro’s Warehouse Executions System, all inventory levels can be viewed at any time and in real-time (RTLS). The smart IoT solution ensures greater efficiency and increased profits for the producer cooperative.

At Sant’Orsola, fresh fruits are available on a daily basis. Straight from the field, growers bring their harvest to the modern warehouse in northern Italy. The goods are automatically connected to our system via a conveyor belt after unloading. Our smart twin technology seamlessly tracks all movements of the fruit in the warehouse and controls the transport orders centrally via our software. This ensures timely further processing to enable the best possible yield from the harvest.

Gilberto Osler (IT-Manager, Sant’Orsola)

“With the IdentPro solution we manage all processes in our production faster and better. We have all the information in real-time and the right information about all the goods in the warehouse.”

Sant’Orsola trusts in full transparency through laser localization, digital twin and smart order distribution. IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System leads to a significant increase in productivity, delivery reliability and profit in the modern cold storage warehouse.