Working with Identpro is fun and enriching
  • 104 years since the invention of the forklift truck (1917)

  • 69 years since the invention of the barcode (1952) and 47 years after its first use (1974)

  • 16 years since the invention of lidar for vehicles (DARPA)

Is there something new?

Yes: Automatic tracking of goods with lift trucks!

For 6 years. A world first that is still unique today.

Recognized by prestigious awards

This is IdentPro…

IdentPro was founded in 2007 with the goal of eliminating the manual scanning of barcodes for identification and localisation of products in intralogistics. Why?

In our opinion, barcode scanning is such a banal activity that it cannot be justified by the use of human labour. Rather, we believe that employees should take on better, more appropriate and demanding tasks. That is what we strive for and we are constantly improving ourselves and our products.

We believe in thinking differently and therefore question the status quo in order to achieve optimal solutions. We redefine the status quo by making our products digital, autonomous and highly available.

Based on these beliefs, we have worked long and hard for our groundbreaking solutions in vehicle localisation, digital twins in intralogistics and autonomous mobile robots.

Today, our solutions are in productive use at leading automotive companies, the world’s largest brewery and the world’s leading steel group in more than 10 countries.

Michael Wack, CEO IdentPro, driver of innovative solutions for digital intralogistics

… a great team for great ideas

We are engineers, computer scientists and business economists with many decades of experience in B2B business. Our customers include world market leaders, large corporations and innovative medium-sized companies in almost all industries. This variety makes working at IdentPro exciting. And developing solutions with a real USP is fun.

A lean hierarchy ensures quick decisions and the agile programming method delivers best results – a successful business concept, as the high percentage of long-standing team members proves.

Many years of experience build milestones

IdentPro stands for “Identifying Products” and describes the basis of our solutions for production and storage. When Michael Wack founded the company in 2007, UHF RFID technology (RFID = Radio Frequency Identification), which was still quite new at the time, was the focus of development.

A first highlight is the RFID control unit identIQ, which won the 2008 SME Industry (Industriepreis des Mittelstands). It simplified the connection of RFID infrastructures to IT systems and Simatic® S7 controllers. However, RFID technology cannot answer the special requirements of intralogistics with industrial trucks. This is why we have developed innovative and convincing solutions for the automated localisation and identification of products in warehouse and production logistics that work completely without RFID technology.

We have used our in-depth RFID knowledge to develop the first cloud-based tool management system that simultaneously supports UHF transponders, NFC tags and barcodes as identification media. Since 2010, the finderbox® has made it easy to manage any type of equipment and tools.

The core of almost all inquiries that reach us – “Where are my goods” – can be answered only insufficiently in the warehouse by means of RFID technology. So we came up with the idea of simply using the individual x,y,z coordinates of the storage locations of pallets and containers or even paper rolls instead of RFID tags. The outcome of this development is the 3D forklift guidance system identplus® – now known as identpro® TRACK – introduced in 2011. Without scanning barcodes and without RFID, identpro® TRACK enables the location and identification of pallets and containers with pinpoint accuracy.

This was followed in 2015 by the world’s first laser localisation for forklifts, which works without otherwise necessary and time-consuming reference points that must be accurately measured. Industrial trucks are located using a 2D-LIDAR sensor (laser) based on natural environmental features. For the first time, it is now possible to locate lift trucks in halls and outdoor warehouses using a single technology. identpro® THERE is a unique real-time locating system (RTLS) and a perfect complement for software providers (e.g. warehouse management systems) and vehicle manufacturers for implementing functions that require precise vehicle positioning.

We have transferred our unique laser localisation to driverless autonomous transport vehicles (AGV). A first result is identpro® CARRI, a truly autonomous navigating transport robot. Our AI-optimized traffic and order management software already manages fleets of AGVs and manned forklifts for optimal transport distribution. Send contact request.

Act visionary, stay grounded


Our developments are based on open systems and established standards so that you as a customer benefit from the highest possible investment security. We are also frank in our communication and only promise what we can keep. A partnership approach to customers, partners and suppliers is our maxim.

Our responsibility to society. (ZVEI Code of Conduct, in German)


Jointly creating more value for our customers: We have distribution partnerships with leading software and system vendors in the field of intralogistics for the real-time locating system (RTLS) identpro® THERE. Please contact us if you are interested. We are also happy to receive inquiries from vehicle manufacturers. Send partner inquiry.

Develop, test, demonstrate


In essence, the problem is always the same: finding certain goods, knowing what is stored where and what stock is currently where in production. Often data in an IT system deviates from reality because manual data entry and asynchronous material and data flows lead to incorrect data.

In our Technikum we develop, test and demonstrate solutions that help you to get a grip on your processes in warehouse and production by providing full transparency. For this purpose, we have a 600 sqm large, lifelike warehouse environment with our own forklift truck at our disposal. With agile programming we implement customer-specific requirements into our digital systems.

Do you want to digitize your intralogistics or do you want an autonomous transport robot that is a real team player with your forklift drivers when needed? Arrange a personal demonstration now. We look forward to you and your challenge.


Managment team

Michael Wack
Michael Wack
Founder & CEO
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Edmund Milke
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Erik van Rikxoort

Working at IdentPro is fun and fulfilling

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