Troisdorf, Germany (05. December 2022) – End-to-end transparency with standardized data strengthens the resilience of the supply chain and thus increases the planning reliability of intralogistics.

With the Warehouse Execution System by IdentPro, all warehouse processes are mapped in a digital twin in real-time. This warehouse data forms the basis for the intelligent algorithms of the IoT solution for efficient planning of existing resources. With the support of the omlox standard, system connections of further tracking systems can be implemented quite easily. This creates synergies along the entire supply chain.

A holistic ecosystem with standardized real-time data!
omlox is an open standard for precise positioning systems. The focus is on defining open interfaces for an interoperable positioning system. This enables different industries to use a single infrastructure with different applications from different vendors. The result is the integration of industrial software and hardware solutions in a common ecosystem.

Full transparency of the supply chain with the digital twin in real-time!
The compatibility of different systems with each other is an important factor for the sustainable digitization of the industry in order to overcome challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers / resources or delivery network problems. Only full transparency can strengthen the supply chain and effectively increase the productivity of companies. IdentPro aims at exactly this and increases the company’s success sustainably & in the long term through the digitalization & automation of intralogistics.

IdentPro is the first omlox partner to rely on LiDAR based real-time localization!
The Warehouse Execution System creates real added value, planning reliability and significant efficiency increases. IdentPro is the only omlox partner to offer real-time localization (RTLS) based on LiDAR. This IoT solution is suitable for any type of material handling vehicle (e.g. for forklifts and AGVs) and also for any type of warehouse (indoor & outdoor). With the smart software, many processes can be optimized and intelligently planned. Connecting with a complementary RTLS, such as UWB or BLE, results in further cost reduction through a comprehensive and scalable solution. The seamless collaboration and merging of these systems are guaranteed by the omlox standard.

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