SAP® EWM – the new flexible standard

SAP is planning to discontinue support for SAP WM (SAP Warehouse Management) in 2027. Its successor is SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management). With SAP EWM, significantly more processes can be standardized and flexibly represented in the SAP system.

SAP® EWM requires feedback from the floor …

SAP-EWM needs feedback

SAP EWM must know the current status of transport orders at all times

… to efficiently manage all resources and provide an always up-to-date view of warehouse performance and inventory. In SAP EWM, this control can be done much more flexibly and thus be adjusted to the needs of the respective situation. The faster and more accurate the feedback of the individual task statuses, the faster your logistics team can adapt to changing requirements in everyday logistics.

Confirmation by scanning

In concrete terms, this means that your forklift drivers have to scan barcodes on the goods and storage locations, for example, or make confirmations at the forklift terminal every time they pick up and set down goods, in order to inform SAP EWM of the current status of a transport order. In SAP EWM, the same applies as previously in SAP WM: no movement without a booking at handling unit (HU) level. The identification of the respective handling units, e.g. by scanning the pallets, is therefore mandatory.


Lift truck drivers must give feedback, by scanning or at the lift truck terminal

Here is the good news:

You shall not scan - use 3D folrkilft guidance system from IdentPro

The 3D forklift guidance system identpro® TRACK automatically sends feedback to SAP EWM – scanning barcodes is obsolete

The 3D forklift guidance system identpro® TRACK generates confirmations of transport statuses to SAP EWM fully automatically in real time, without intervention by your forklift drivers. In other words: Your forklift drivers do not have to scan, which increases productivity and avoids errors!

Studies have shown that up to 7% of all barcode scans in a warehouse are faulty. Faulty scans lead to data corruption in SAP EWM. With identpro® TRACK, you ensure that SAP EWM always receives correct data: identpro® TRACK automatically synchronizes the data flow with the material flow.

identpro® TRACK uses digital twins of your HUs to generate an exact digital image of the real warehouse situation. This way you always know where which goods are located, incorrectly placed pallets and searching for them is history.

SAP® EWM + identpro® TRACK = More productivity

As an additional bonus, the 3D forklift guidance system identpro® TRACK optimizes the use of your forklift fleet. The identpro® optimizer permanently calculates the best distribution of the transport orders generated in SAP EWM at any time with regard to priorities, distances and availability to the fleet.

If required, multi-stage transports are carried out also by including autonomous forklifts (identpro® CARRI). Subsequent changes such as a higher priority for a specific order are possible.

Users confirm productivity increases of up to 25% with identpro® TRACK with an ROI well below 24 months.

Potential calculator Optimize warehouse with identpro forklift control system

Increased efficiency, reduced costs: identpro® TRACK perfectly complements SAP® EWM. We will be happy to calculate the savings potential of your warehouse in detail based on your key figures.

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Scan-free localization and identification with digital twin technology from IdentPro

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