identpro® THERE changes the way you locate vehicles in intralogistic environments. Designed for accuracy, quality and consistency THERE can seamlessly position vehicles even in complex indoor and outdoor environments using a single technology. THERE is an all-in-one mapping and positioning system that allows you to accurately track vehicles without altering the building infrastructure. identpro® THERE is THE real-time locating system (RTLS) for high-precision and repeatable vehicle localisation indoors and outdoors.

Centimetre Accuracy …

IdentPro provides breakthrough high precision positioning for both largest indoor and outdoor intralogistics environments. The identpro THERE product is designed for fast changing spaces where localisation accuracy, quality and consistency are key. Without touching your infrastructure, the system is solely based on the contour of the environment.

  • Accuracy better than +/- 10cm; Orientation better than 1°

  • Environments with up to 1,000,000 square meters

  • Seamless switching between indoor and outdoor spaces

The laser “reads” the natural environment – no structural modifications required

… meets real-time …


Reliable localization in highly dynamic environments, even with metal and liquids

Precision does not have to mean compromising on real-time. identpro® THERE combines 2D-LiDAR technology with our innovative localisation software. During positioning, the system automatically detects changes in the environment and accurately updates the Live-Map instantaneously.

  • Real-time position updates every 80 milliseconds

  • Always up-to-date self-learning digital Live-Map

  • Vehicle speed up to 30 km/h

… to revolutionize vehicle positioning

IdentPro improves positioning by allowing a single operator to intuitively set up a digital Live map without touching the infrastructure. This makes radio transmitters, transponders, RFID and floor or ceiling markers completely redundant. The extension of the digital map is done with the system itself, no additional means are necessary. Based solely on LiDAR technology, identpro® THERE is robust against reflections and damping unlike e.g. radio waves by UWB, RFID or WiFi.

  • Integrated workflow from setting up the device to publishing position data

  • Resistant against distortions from goods, buildings, shelves, environment, radio sources etc.

  • Software assets for the development of location-based intralogistics applications


Consistently precise localization in halls and outdoor areas

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identpro® THERE consists of two key components: the THERE LiDAR hardware for scanning the environment with a 2D laser and the THERE localisation software (client & server) to build native apps, offering real-time visibility into the location of vehicles.

identpro® THERE vehicle positioning integrates with identpro® TRACK and identpro® CARRI.

Accuracy of ±10 cm …

Vehicle positioning is based on a robust 2D LIDAR sensor, which is mounted on the vehicle roof. The 2D laser detects the environment in which a vehicle is currently moving with a detection range of 190°. From the reflected laser beams the position (x,y) and the orientation of the truck is calculated. A digital map of the warehouse is created during commissioning.

Changes in the environment, e.g. due to different stock levels (block storage full, empty) or other vehicles, are automatically taken into account, so that the digital warehouse map on each vehicle is always up-to-date (live mapping).

The current locations of the vehicles are displayed in real time on the warehouse map. The view is available via browser. The routes of the vehicles are stored in an audit-proof manner.


… for seamless positioning indoors and outdoors

identpro® THERE offers precise, gapless vehicle tracking indoors and outdoors. The 2D-LIDAR sensors operate independently of ambient light and weather.

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