IdentPro at the Mobile Robotics Summit / Logistics Summit: 9-10.10.2024 in Duesseldorf

Troisdorf, 07.05.2024 – IdentPro, an innovation leader in digital intralogistics, will once again be present at the Mobile Robotics Summit / Logistics Summit 2024. The event, which brings together leading experts in the industry, provides a perfect stage to showcase IdentPro’s latest advances in warehouse logistics.

Integration of man and machine – a new chapter in material flow management

Highlight: The upcoming masterclass by Dr. Martin Welp entitled Real-Time Inventory Tracking by collaborating Warehouse Execution of AMR & Human Driven Lifttrucks (HDL)! offers deep insights into IdentPro’s revolutionary intralogistics solutions. This session will demonstrate how the integration of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and human driven Lifttrucks (HDL) is not just a coexistence, but a transformative collaboration that significantly increases operational efficiency and visibility.

From theory to practice: transforming conventional forklift trucks into smart technologies

IdentPro modifies conventional forklift trucks into intelligent, networked objects that generate valid real-time data and execute AI-controlled transport orders. This innovative approach leads to a significant increase in efficiency and improves planning and decision-making at all management levels.

Learn from the best

Take part in the masterclass and learn more about the many possibilities of intelligent warehouse management. Discover how IdentPro’s solutions not only optimize processes in your warehouse, but also support strategic decision-making and strengthen partnerships with managers, partners and customer companies.

We invite everyone not to miss this inspiring session and become part of the future of intralogistics.

Masterclass: Real-Time Inventory Tracking by collaborating Warehouse Execution of AMR & Human Driven Lifttrucks (HDL)!

  • When: 09.10.2024
  • Time: 10:45 am
  • Stage: MATTAHORN

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