Digital link between ERP/WMS and warehouse

Creates full transparency and highest productivity – for SAP® EWM and any other system

identpro® TRACK, the unique Warehouse Execution System 4.0, will revolutionise your intralogistics. Designed for superior efficiency, TRACK’s unique technology provides total transparency and error-free delivery to customers and production. Using digital twins, TRACK locates and identifies pallets and similar load units automatically, without scanning barcodes. It navigates your forklift drivers and checks transport orders for correct execution.

identpro® TRACK eliminates the basic problems in the warehouse: incorrectly placed pallets and incorrect barcode scans. For you to find everything and deliver it correctly. Always. And with maximum efficiency, thanks to the integrated AI-based optimizer that reduces empty runs and shortens travel distances. Management systems such as SAP® EWM or any others reflect the actual situation in the warehouse and production supply in real time. With inventory data you can rely on.

Profit with digital forklifts

Learn about some of the benefits of identpro® TRACK in everyday use.


Benefits for all stakeholders


  • Reliable KPIs
  • Sustainably reduced storage costs
  • Networkable intralogistics for Smart Factory

Logistics and production manager

  • 100% inventory reliability: what is stored where
  • Best possible capacity utilization: reduced empty runs, short routes, find everything
  • Quick shift transition: the knowledge is in the system

Lift truck drivers

  • 100% driving: no manual data collection like scanning
  • Higher work safety: no leaving the vehicle
  • Less need to remember: guided processes


  • Reliable availability information
  • Always correct deliveries
  • Elimination of returns

Scan-free identification…

IdentPro is revolutionizing intralogistics and moving it into a new era of automation. The identpro® TRACK product was developed to fully automate the time-consuming and often incorrect identification process of goods and locations as well as monitoring the correct fulfillment of transport orders. Without touching your goods, load carriers and warehouse, the system completely avoids the manual scanning of barcodes.

  • Identification of goods exclusively by their 3D position

  • Identification of storage bins by forklift positioning

  • Indoor and outdoor block and rack storage


… meets Artificial Intelligence (AI) …

Unguided manual forklifts are not efficient. The product identpro® TRACK combines positioning information of goods and vehicles as well as transport orders with our innovative AI-based optimisation software. The optimal allocation of resources is calculated in realtime, minimizing time and costs.

  • Realtime optimisation of transport orders, reducing empty runs

  • Exempted forklift drivers can now take on new, higher-value tasks

  • Supports manual forklifts and autonomous mobile robots

… to revolutionise warehouse operations

IdentPro introduces the digital twin technology in order to digitalize your warehouse. Through the use of our digital technologies and digitized data we change how work gets done and transform your intralogistics. Each physical good has a digital twin in our system. The identpro® TRACK product automatically identifies any movement of goods and synchronizes the warehouse reality with the digital twin. Additionally, using optional ERP or WMS software allows you to receive updates of the new status or location of goods in realtime.

  • Always consistent with warehouse stock

  • Error-free and revolutionary efficient automated operations

  • Improved warehouse safety

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Explore identpro® TRACK

identpro® TRACK is based on our continuous, precise and repeatable vehicle localisation solution identpro® THERE. Additional sensors on the vehicle detect the picking up and setting down of handling units such as pallets. Upon setting down loading units, TRACK automatically determines and saves the current set-down position. The ID of a load unit and the 3D coordinate of the current location represent the digital twin of a load unit. On resuming handling units, they are identified without scanning via an automatic database query. New loading units are made known to the system the very first time they are picked up.

Forklift retrofit

Your existing forklifts will be retrofitted with identpro TRACK hardware components: cargo sensor, height sensor, terminal and 2D-LiDAR positioning sensor from the THERE product. The hardware is independent of the forklift manufacturer, hence usable for almost all vehicles. The terminal comes with the TRACK client as pre-installed and ready-to-use software.

  • 2D-LIDAR for x,y-coordinate and alignment

  • Height sensor for z-coordinate

  • Loading sensor detects pick-up and set-down of pallets and similar handling units

  • Forklift terminal with client software is the interface to the driver

Touch to start

identpro® TRACK features a powerful yet easy-to use touch interface that simplifies forklift test and commission. Just follow the screen to get started and the real-time sensors data is automatically captured as the operator uses the forklift. Real-time on-screen feedback allows the operator to monitor the correct functioning of the sensors. The system is self-monitoring.

Seamless workflow

identpro TRACK integrates capturing Live-map data, positioning information and inventory status making your intralogistics seamingless from start to finish. All Data, stored in a central SQL database on your IT infrastructure, can be easily accessed with any device by the Web-based TRACK management server software, resulting in fast turnarounds. You can connect TRACK to your ERP or WMS system, by standardised and well-known interfaces (REST Api). For SAP® EWM we provide a full system integration, making it fast and easy to provide scan-free tracking with the global WMS market leader.

Scan-free reality capture

TRACK is equipped with a powerful software to automatically identify pallets only by the 3D-position of the forklift in the very moment it picks up the goods. For the driver the scanning of barcode labels and the bin labels are no longer necessary. The 3D coordinate (x,y,z) practically replaces barcodes and RFID tags. Even versatile multi-pallet constellations are possible without limitations. Real-time feedback on the screen lets drivers keep track of all details of goods and transports.

Every new handling unit that is fed into the system is made known to the system at its very first pick-up. This can be done automatically, e.g. at a handover point of a conveyor line, or manually, e.g. when unloading a truck. With the introduction, TRACK knows the identity (ID) of the new handling unit picked up.

On set-down of the load unit, the TRACK software determines the current forklift position (x,y) and the lift mast height (z, detected by a sensor). The 3D coordinate is linked to the load ID (in SAP: HU). TRACK stores the information – the digital twin – in the identpro® database. The stored 3D coordinate is automatically updated for each subsequent movement of the handling unit.

Handling units known to the system are automatically identified by their digital twin when they are picked up: When entering a pallet or similar, a query is made to the identpro® database for the load ID (HU) that has been stored for the current forklift position and lift mast height (x,y,z coordinate). Several load units can be picked up simultaneously. A pick-up process is detected by sensors.

AI optimized transports

In real-time TRACK´s AI based software algorithms (AI constraint solver) calculate the best possible distribution of transport orders generated by the WMS at any given time and schedule these to the vehicle fleet. Under the hood, TRACK combines sophisticated AI optimization algorithms with very efficient score calculation and other state-of-the-art constraint solving techniques. This leads to a substantial reduction of up to 30% of empty runs, while maintaining order priorities. For example, with a fleet of 20 lift trucks, you can save up to 6 vehicles and 18 drivers or expand your business with existing resources..


Error-free deliveries

identpro® TRACK guides your forklift drivers to every requested good. Even if it is placed in an aisle – “lost pallets” and searching for goods are a thing of the past. For transport orders, TRACK automatically checks whether drivers are approaching the correct sink, e.g. the correct dock door or the correct production machine, and warns a driver in case of deviations. This effectively prevents incorrect deliveries, increasing customer satisfaction and keeping your production running. Thanks to the navigation support, rental drivers are also productive very quickly.

The Warehouse Execution System 4.0 supports mobile weighing systems.

100% visibility

identpro® TRACK documents every vehicle movement plus all sensor data, helping you analyse travel distances and the degree of utilisation of your forklift fleet. With that data, you can order forklift maintenance according to actual use instead of operating hours and base your fleet investment on real-life capacity requirements.

In the event of damage, TRACK helps you find out which vehicle was involved. To support work safety use the data to develop, for example, motivation programs for your forklift drivers (gamification).


Designed to be industry-grade

identpro® TRACK is developed with a focus to be the backbone of your inventory management. Therefor TRACK provide high availability as a standard in order to automatically catch any forklift initiated movement of goods at any time.

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