Digital solutions from IdentPro.
For scan-free, error-free and digital intralogistics.

Logo identpro_THERE RTLS

Precise laser location of vehicles inside and outside buildings.

  • Purely contour-based localization
  • Compatible with every software
  • Retrofits to almost all industrial trucks
  • Partner requests welcome
  • Saving potential 10%
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Logo identpro_TRACK

Efficient, reliable and scan-free tracking of pallets, paper rolls and similar loading units.

  • Scan-free pallet tracking
  • Faultless supplies
  • Fewer empty runs
  • Compatible with any WMS / ERP
  • Saving potential 30%
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Logo identpro FTF

Collaborative and autonomous mobile robot. Your gateway to autonomous intralogistics.

  • Autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Any sources and sinks
  • Functional without WMS / ERP
  • Saving potential 80%
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