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Prevent delivery delays, wrong deliveries, production downtime, schedule errors due to inventory discrepancies. Our Warehouse Execution System makes a decisive contribution to increasing productivity through Industry 4.0. Using the digital twin our customers have the exact storage location of all goods in real-time and increase their productivity by more than 20 %.

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Productivity increase:

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Shortened lead times:


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Planning reliability:

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Localization also in your warehouse:

This is what our IoT solution does for our customers. 

We create full transparency in your warehouse with the digital twin in real-time! The Warehouse Execution System by IdentPro is characterized by creating a virtual image of your entire warehouse, accurate to the second and centimeter. In this way, all of the goods movements are tracked, controlled and optimized. Via W-LAN / LTE, the system is in constant exchange with all used industrial trucks – regardless of whether it is a manned or automated vehicle. The vehicles are equipped with IoT sensor technology and simultaneously provide up-to-date 3D information of the goods being moved as well as the surrounding spatial geometry. Via the Warehouse Execution System, the transport orders are routed to the driver terminals or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

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We digitize directly in your warehouse – without changing the building substance! We implement our Warehouse Execution System predominantly in existing properties with already existing industrial trucks. The type, dimensioning and equipment of the warehouse is arbitrary. The existing trucks are retrofitted with LiDAR and IoT sensor technology to provide real-time localization of load goods – in the indoor and outdoor warehouse. All captured data is processed in the software and provides, among other things, the digital twin of the warehouse situation in real-time. A connection to an ERP system such as SAP EWM or Warehouse Management System (WMS) is possible at any time. Also in the cloud: Can also be used as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in a stand-alone setup.

We provide you with the collaborative use of automated and manned forklift trucks. Due to the shortage of qualified workers, the automation of forklift fleets is an urgent topic in many production logistics. Simple, continuously repeating transports can already be well handled by automated vehicles. IdentPro has upgraded several Linde forklifts for this purpose. The AMR or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) can navigate themselves without a guide track / aids or fixed routes. They automatically avoid obstacles and contactless charge their batteries. They can be used completely autonomously or integrated into IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System.

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IdentPro increases efficiency:
With full transparency to increase profits!

Using our IoT sensor technology and the digital twin: 100% traceability of your warehouse movement is guaranteed.​

Complete transparency of your warehouse: Precise real-time localization in your indoor & outdoor warehouse.​

Seamless tracking of goods using manned and automated vehicles in a collaborative system.​

With our innovative software solution Warehouse Execution System, we create complete warehouse transparency in real-time. We thereby increase the productivity of the entire warehouse fleet by 20-30%, ensure faster processing times and hence provide 100% planning reliability.

This is how the software solution features the digital twin in real-time! 

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