Autonomous transporter

Autonomous, collaborative mobile robot for intralogistics.

Seamless pallet tracking in collaborative operation with forklifts.

Warehouse optimisation through intelligent automation

IdentPro’s AMRs are revolutionizing intralogistics. The fully autonomous transport robots (Autonomous Mobile Robot, AMR) were developed to meet the requirements of collaborative use with manual forklifts. The AMRs serve any source/sink and – optionally through an integration in the Warehouse Execution System – enable scan-free, end-to-end pallet tracking. These can be used stand-alone or integrated into the overall warehouse optimization via the Warehouse Execution System.

True autonomous navigation including obstacle avoidance

24/7 operation possible due to Li-Ion battery technology

Picks up pallets from ground even in slanting position

Safety technology for the detection of persons and obstacles (CE approved)

Digital Twin:
Collaborative use

Today’s autonomous or automated vehicles are not yet capable of performing all intralogistical operations. Collaborative use is therefore ideal to realise the full potential of the warehouse. Due to our digital twin algorithms, our AMRs enable the seamless identification and tracking of pallets, regardless of the vehicle type. This unique feature allows mixed fleets of manual and autonomous vehicles to be used optimally, depending on the intended application.

  • Seamless automatic identification and tracking of goods & pallets
  • Optimal use of mixed industrial trucks
  • Advanced safety system guaranteeing protection of people, trucks and goods at all times
Manned and unmanned forklift in collaborative use

Mobility through 24/7 service

The future of intralogistics is digital and autonomous. IdentPro is supporting this change and offers solutions such as contour-based positioning, digital twin technology or autonomous transport of pallets for sustainable optimisations. With our flexible and scalable system, we create optimisations tailored to the needs of intralogistics.

According to a study by the research company Gartner, the shortage of skilled workers is the greatest risk facing companies worldwide. With IdentPro you are well equipped to absorb this resource as well.

  • Vehicle navigation without interfering with the building structure, i.e. without reflectors, nodes, anchor points or similar auxiliary points to be mounted and measured.
  • Safety system with collision protection
  • Pallets can be picked up and delivered freely in the area, without pick-up and delivery racks
  • Li-ion battery technology
  • Users can adapt the routes themselves to changing requirements.
Automated vehicle with IdentPro system transports a pallet
Image shows AMR equipped with IoT kit

The time for Logistics professionals to seriously consider robotic opportunities and solutions is now.”

Do you want to digitize your warehouse, gain more transparency and exploit the full potential of your resources?

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