Warehouse Execution System

Smart tracking
of goods of any kind:

Empties tracking / empties handling, container tracking, scan-free pallet tracking, clinker tracking, automated food tracking / fruit.

Automation of warehouse processes

Automated loading control, Inventory transparency, Automated real-time inventory, Digitization of picking processes (paperless loading), Digital tracking of goods, scan free factory traffic, Automated connection of goods from production, Automated connection of goods via conveyors / Conveyor technology, Paperless internal material transportation.

Efficiency increase of warehouse processes

Transport robots integrated into resource control systems, Optimal distribution of transport orders to the entire warehouse fleet, Smart distribution of transport orders, digital shift handover, Warehouse data transparency from anywhere Retrievable in real-time.

Car graphic

Automotive industry

Icon Plastics Industry

Plastic industry

Graphic, box with fruits

Food industry

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Building industry

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Beverage industry

Icon Chemical Industry

Chemical industry

Icon Paper Industry

Paper industry

Icon Building Industry

Building solutions

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