Warehouse Execution System

Scan-free warehouse transportation:
Find everything. At any time.

With the help of IoT sensor technology and the creation of a digital twin, 100% tracking of every warehouse movement is guaranteed.

Full control over your warehouse processes

IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System revolutionizes intralogistics and creates the missing link between ERP / Warehouse Management Systems and the real warehouse world. Designed for superior efficiency, the Warehouse Execution System offers complete visibility and error-free deliveries in warehouse and production with a unique technology. Our Warehouse Execution System locates and identifies pallets and similar load units by tracking the movement of forklift trucks. This creates a real-time digital twin (RTLS). This enables us to return existing transport orders, including navigation, to the industrial trucks. Here it does not matter whether manned or unmanned.

IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System eliminates the basic problems in the warehouse: misplaced pallets and incorrect barcode scans. Intelligent programming also shortens empty runs, makes better use of warehouse capacity, and reduces fleet sizes. The inventory data in the ERP system always matches the real warehouse situation 100%. Whether indoor or outdoor, our system finds the stored goods even if they have been placed in an unassigned location.

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Find everything, never search again

Accurate deliveries at all times

Minimizing inventory differences

100% inventory reliability

No barcode scanning
when using a WMS, ERP or similar

Collaboration of autonomous forklifts: AMR for even more productivity.

Digital link between
ERP/WMS and warehouse

IdentPro’s intelligent software solution can be connected to any ERP system – such as SAP® EWM – creating full transparency and maximum productivity in your warehouse. For this, the existing forklifts are digitised with an IoT kit and are thus seamlessly in use.

Now in your warehouse too:
The digital twin in real-time

Full transparency,
without scanning!

IdentPro revolutionises intralogistics and enables efficient and sustainable automation of the warehouse. The software solution was developed to fully automate the time-consuming and often erroneous identification process of goods and storage locations as well as the monitoring of the correct fulfilment of transport orders. Without changing your goods, load carriers and warehouse, the system completely avoids manual barcode scanning by your forklift drivers.

  • Exclusively by their 3D position
  • Identification of storage bins by forklift positioning
  • Indoor and outdoor block and rack storage

Sustainable optimization
through artificial intelligence (AI)

Unguided manual forklifts are not efficient. IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System combines position information of goods and vehicles as well as transport orders with our innovative AI-based optimisation software. The optimal use of resources is calculated in real-time, minimisingtime and costs.

  • Real-time optimisation of transport orders, reducing empty runs
  • Exempted forklift drivers can now take on new, higher-value tasks
  • Supports manual forklifts and autonomous mobile robots

Digital twin: 100%
Inventory security & transparency

IdentPro introduces digital twin technology to digitise your warehouse. Through the use of our digital technologies and digitized data we change how work gets done and transform your intralogistics. Each physical good has a digital twin in our system. Our solution automatically identifies every movement of goods and synchronises the warehouse reality with the digital twin. In addition, the software transmits the new status or location of the goods in real-time to your optional ERP or WMS software such as SAP WM/EWM and others.

  • Always consistent with warehouse stock
  • Error-free and revolutionary efficient automated operations
  • Improved warehouse safety

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IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System is based on continuous, precise and repeatable vehicle localization. Additional sensors on the vehicle are used to detect the picking up and setting down of load units such as pallets. When setting down loading units, the software automatically determines and saves the current set-down position. The ID of a load unit and the 3D coordinate of the current parking position represent the digital twin of a load unit. When loading units are picked up again, they are automatically identified via a database query without scanning. New loading units are made known to the system when they are picked up for the very first time.

Forklift retrofit with IoT kit

Your existing trucks are retrofitted with the IoT hardware components: Load sensor, height sensor, forklift terminal and 2D LiDAR positioning sensor. The hardware is independent of the forklift manufacturer and can therefore be used for almost all vehicles. The terminal is supplied with the IdentPro Client as pre-installed and ready-to-use software.

  • 2D-LiDAR for x,y-coordinate and alignment
  • Height sensor for z-coordinate
  • Loading sensor detects pick-up and set-down of pallets and similar handling units
  • Forklift terminal with client software is the interface to the driver

Simple operation
via touchscreen

IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System has a powerful yet easy-to-use touchscreen interface that simplifies the commissioning and testing of floor vehicles such as forklifts. Follow the steps shown on the screen and the sensor data is automatically collected in real-time as the operator uses the forklift. Real-time feedback on the screen allows the operator to follow the correct operation of the sensors. The system is self-monitoring.

Error-free workflow:
complete system integration
to an ERP system

With IdentPro’s software solution, the collection of live map data, positioning information and inventory status is seamless from start to finish. All data is stored in a central SQL database in your IT infrastructure and can be easily accessed from any device via the web-based IdentPro Management Server software. You can connect the system to your ERP or WMS system via standardised and well-known interfaces (REST Api). For SAP EWM, we offer full system integration so you can quickly and easily perform scan-free tracking with the global WMS market leader.

Powerful tracking

IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System is equipped with powerful software that identifies pallets only by the 3D coordinates of their respective storage location. This eliminates the need for drivers to scan barcode labels on loading units and storage locations. The 3D coordinates (x,y,z) practically replace barcodes and RFID tags. Versatile multi-pallet constellations are also possible. Thanks to the real-time feedback on the screen, the employee keeps track of all details of the goods and transports.

Each new loading unit that is fed into the system is made known to the system at the very first pick-up. This can be done automatically, e.g. at transfer points on a conveyor line, or manually, e.g. when unloading trucks. With that, the system knows the identity (ID) of the picked up new loading unit.

When setting down known load units, the IdentPro software determines the current forklift position (x,y) and the lift mast height (z, recorded via a sensor). The 3D coordinate is linked to the load ID (in SAP: HU). The system stores the information – the digital twin – in the IdentPro database. The stored 3D coordinate is automatically updated with each subsequent movement.

System-known loading units are automatically identified by their digital twin when they are picked up: When entering a pallet or similar, a query is made to the IdentPro database for the load ID (HU) that has been stored for the current forklift position and lift mast height (x,y,z coordinate). Several loading units can be picked up at the same time. A loading process is detected via sensors.

Increase company success now

AI-optimized transports:
Forklift guidance system Integrated

IdentPro uses AI-based software algorithms and calculates at any time the best possible distribution of all transport orders of a vehicle fleet, generated e.g. by a warehouse management system.

The Warehouse Execution System combines sophisticated AI optimisation algorithms with very efficient score calculation and other state-of-the-art constraint solving techniques (AI Constraint Solver). The result is, among other things, a forklift guidance system that achieves significant reductions in empty runs of up to 30%, while maintaining order priorities. With a forklift fleet of e.g. 20 vehicles, you can save up to 6 forklifts and 18 drivers or expand your business with the existing resources.

Error-free deliveries
through intuitive navigation

IdentPro’s integrated forklift guidance system leads your employees directly to any desired goods (source) through intuitive navigation. Even if the goods are in the aisle – “lost pallets” and searching for goods are a thing of the past. For transport orders, the software automatically checks whether drivers are approaching the right drain, e.g. the right loading gate or the right production machine, and warns a driver in case of deviations. This effectively prevents incorrect deliveries. Meeting delivery times and ensuring uninterrupted production increases the efficiency of your intralogistics. Thanks to the navigation support, even new or temporary employees become productive very quickly.

Factory of the future with Dr. Martin Welp

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