Warehouse Execution System

Next-Generation AI-driven Warehouse!

Future Intralogistics: precise, intelligent, and efficient!

Dive into a new era of productivity and optimise your warehouse processes sustainably! Our Warehouse Execution System (WES) from IdentPro offers you an innovative solution that guarantees unparalleled economic efficiency.

Benefits of the IdentPro Warehouse Execution System

Increased efficiency

Reduced loss of goods

Overall cost reduction

100% transparency

The IdentPro system can be easily connected to any ERP, WMS, or LVS and can thus be seamlessly integrated into your existing system.

This is how IdentPro gets you ahead:

We create true visibility for you: With the real-time digital twin, you gain full transparency over your warehouse movements and can thus optimize the entire potential of your supply chain.

By using artificial intelligence (AI), the system distributes the transport orders optimally across your entire warehouse fleet – both manned and autonomous (AMR) – among other things via an integrated 3D forklift guidance system (SLS).

Our Warehouse Execution System offers you maximum flexibility due to a holistic approach. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing solutions via interfaces, regardless of whether it is your ERP system, WMS or WMS.


Our Warehouse Execution System automatically locates and identifies your industrial trucks (FFZ), pallets or similar load units by tracking the movements of your fleet. For this purpose, existing vehicles are retrofitted with IoT kits (various LiDAR sensors). The digital twin is then created in real-time (RTLS) in the software without changing the warehouse infrastructure or the building substance!

All your warehouse movements are recorded and located fully automatically with the robust LiDAR technology:

  • Complex and error-prone processes such as scanning or searching are no longer necessary
  • Your real stocks are updated in real-time in the software solution and provide more planning security
  • No more inventory discrepancies
  • Overproduction or faulty production is avoided


We guide your warehouse logistics to greater efficiency through intelligent control of your intralogistics processes. Our software automatically receives all information about any changes and generates a precise digital image of your warehouse from this.

Through AI-based order distribution with the integrated 3D forklift guidance system, you achieve efficient planning of your manufacturing warehouse. With the same fleet size, you increase your performance by up to 30%.

  • Workforce needed is reduced by up to 30%
  • Empty runs are eliminated
  • No search runs: Your employees are automatically guided to the appropriate goods / product / pallet
  • New and unskilled employees can be deployed immediately through automatic navigation
  • No faulty or time-consuming shift handovers
  • Collision protection: early warning system of obstacles
  • Collaborative use with Autonomous Mobile Robots / Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) possible


We connect your data with your software environment. With standards such as omlox and VDA5050, we enable synergies along your entire supply chain.

With interfaces and standards, we enable the connection of our Warehouse Execution Systems to your existing or planned systems – such as ERP systems (including SAP EWM), LVS or WMS. Through the standardisation of GEO data via omlox, you can easily connect your data to further solutions. You decide how you want to use the information.

  • Cross-data analyses for planning, optimisation and reporting
  • Mistakes or bottlenecks can be analysed and evaluated along the entire supply chain
  • Your administrative effort is reduced: Inventories, for example, can be carried out automatically
  • Simple and repetitive tasks become obsolete as real stock levels are recorded in real-time in the software / ERP system
  • Tracking of goods / products along the entire supply chain possible

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IdentPro Implementation

Whether cloud or on-premises – IdentPro software works exactly the way you want it to. Our experts support you in finding the solution that suits you best!

Cloud On Premise

Cloud (SaaS)

Our smart cloud solution gives you flexible access to your data – anytime, anywhere. Your data is protected under the highest security standards.

  • Device-, time- and location-independent access to geographically distributed IT resources
  • Reduced IT administration effort
  • No investment costs for server hardware


You can also host our software locally on your own server. Our experienced team will assist you with the setup and subsequent support.

  • Full control over the system
  • High customisation possibilities
  • Flexible access

About IdentPro

Our developments are based on open systems and established standards so that you as a customer benefit from the highest possible investment security. We are also frank in our communication and only promise what we can keep. A partnership approach to customers, partners and suppliers is our maxim.

We believe in thinking differently and therefore question the status quo in order to achieve optimal solutions. We redefine the status quo by making our products digital, autonomous and highly available.

Our mission is to offer digital solutions that make the intralogistics of every company sustainably successful.

Do you want to digitize your warehouse, gain more transparency and exploit the full potential of your resources?

We at IdentPro support you in this endeavor and would like to shape with you the future of intralogistics. Schedule a personal consultation now!

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