Can you sit back and relax with a good drink when you think about your warehouse?

  • Because you never search for goods?
  • Because your forklifts are used optimally?
  • Because you always know exactly how many empties you have available?
  • Because you excite your customers every time with accurate and on-time deliveries?

Yes? Perfect. But how much effort do you put into coming close to this ideal in your intralogistics? And how much does it cost you? We are sure: in any case too much.

The real world

Errors occur in manual warehouses. Since pallets are put down incorrectly, searching is necessary. The inventory is checked regularly to know what is actually available. And then a wrong batch is delivered. Often there is a lot of paper in use. You know this?

Very good: The 3D forklift guidance system identpro® TRACK prevents incorrectly placed pallets and all associated costly consequences. Even without your forklift drivers having to scan barcodes when using a warehouse management system (WMS)! Each forklift action is automatically checked for correct execution (source, goods, sink). For permanently satisfied customers – completely without “paperwork”.


Lift truck drivers are guided through the processes and to each product – paperless!

Empties (Warsteiner example)

Collecting empties at the forklift

Warsteiner: Collecting empties pallets with just four clicks (SAP Partner: prismat GmbH)

Empties are your asset. But the collection of empties can be very laborious. At Warsteiner, forklift drivers enter pallets of empties via easy-to-use dialogs on the identpro® TRACK forklift terminal with a maximum of four clicks. Warsteiner uses SAP EWM; SAP partner: prismat GmbH.

Exclusive benefit: Also empties pallets are tracked automatically. There is always full transparency about which empties are available in which quantity and where in the warehouse. Of course this also holds true for empties in open storage.


The 3D forklift guidance system identpro® TRACK eliminates the need to search for goods and to conduct regular physical inventory checks. If you use a WMS such as SAP EWM, barcode scanning is no longer necessary. (If you want to use a WMS in the near future, the otherwise necessary scanning of barcodes on goods and storage bins will not be required).

In addition, the AI-based optimizer of identpro® TRACK ensures a significant reduction of empty runs. The system autonomously performs one-two-way operations and generates multi-stage transports, if applicable including autonomous forklifts. Our customers report an increase in productivity of up to 25%. identpro® TRACK can integrate with any IT system.

IdentPro auf der diwodo, digitale Woche Dortmund

Big Data: All lift truck activities at a glance – in real time


IdentPro makes for a relaxing experience for leading producers

“Our goal was a significant and sustainable improvement in warehouse efficiency. After evaluating other solutions for the localization of forklift trucks, we decided on the identplus system [today identpro® TRACK]. The system works reliably and integrates optimally into SAP® EWM. Today we move well over 25% more pallets with an unchanged fleet of forklifts. IdentPro is a constructive and reliable partner. The optimization of further locations with the forklift control system is planned”.

Michael Belitz, Head of Logistics, Refresco Deutschland GmbH

You want to see how it works?

With pleasure. In a real warehouse environment, we will show you how the 3D forklift guidance system identpro® TRACK helps you keep your warehouse under control and how your forklift fleet becomes up to 25% more productive. Visit the Live Demo at our Technikum.

What awaits you:

  • Live demo of various warehouse tasks including the seamless collaboration of manned and autonomous forklifts
  • A 600 sqm hall with block storage, shelf storage, forklift and autonomous transport robot
  • A discussion about your processes and their optimization with identpro® TRACK and identpro® CARRI
  • Fun, coffee and cold drinks.

Please allow approx. 2 hours for this. We look forward to you and your challenge.

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