Real Time Location System (RTLS)


For the 100% digital twin, tracking of all stock movements is essential. This includes not only the automated movements, but also in particular the movements of manned industrial trucks. Various technologies such as GPS, radiolocation and state-of-the-art camera systems can be used for this purpose. Analogous to the development of automated driving in the automotive industry, a laser-based localization system has also proven its worth here. The advantage of this system is that it does not require any additional infrastructure. It is also characterized by its high precision (cm-accurate) and robustness for indoor and outdoor use. Due to its extensive use in the automotive industry, its introduction in intralogistics is now also competitive in terms of price compared to the systems mentioned above.

After we mount the sensors on the any vehicles, it captures the environment in real time and creates the digital image of the warehouse. This is updated with each movement after a brief initial capture. The forklift terminal transmits its position simultaneously via 5G or Wifi. The system works exclusively with the contours of the environment and does not require any other sensors, reflectors or other aids.


IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System enables complete warehouse visibility without manual scanning of goods Our solution is an all-in-one mapping and positioning system that lets you accurately track vehicles and goods movements. Without changing the building infrastructure, the system is based solely on the contour of the environment.

IdentPro’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) enables highly accurate and repeatable indoor and outdoor vehicle location. The software solution is designed for rapidly changing environments where localization accuracy, quality and consistency are critical.

  • Accuracy better than +/- 10cm; Orientation better than 1°
  • Environments with up to 1,000,000 square meters

  • Seamless switching between indoor and outdoor spaces

Image shows graphical representation of LIDAR localization (RTLS, forklift location)

Real-time localization with laser based on natural environmental features – without structural intervention


Image shows large warehouse with forklifts - RTLS uses the contour of the natural environment

Reliable localization in highly dynamic environments, even with metal and liquids

With the combination of 2D LiDAR technology and innovative localization software, the system automatically detects changes in the environment and updates immediately and accurately in a live map, the Digital Twin.

With a single technology, any vehicles (manned and unmanned/AMR) can be tracked seamlessly through IoT kits even in complex indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Real-time position updates every 80 milliseconds

  • Always up-to-date self-learning digital Live-Map

  • Vehicle speed up to 30 km/h

omlox Standard:

Complete warehouse transparency through standardized real-time data

More about omlox partnership

The real-time data collected from IdentPro’s warehouse becomes a far-reaching tool for increasing the efficiency of the entire supply chain through standards such as VDA 50:50 and omlox. These interoperable standardizations lead directly on the path to Industrie 4.0. omlox allows different tracking technologies (such as UWB, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5G, RFID and Bluetooth) to be interconnected and combined. omlox works with open interfaces to ensure flexible, compatible deployment.

Efficiency increase
through live data
and IoT kits

IdentPro optimizes positioning by making it quick and easy for a single operator to set up a live digital card, the Digital Twin. For this, the infrastructure does NOT need to be changed, e.g. without mounting and calibrating radio transmitters, transponders, laser mirrors, RFID tags, markings on hall ceilings or on floors. The digital map is created in the software itself and does not require any additional action. The solution based on LIDAR technology is robust against reflection and signal attenuation – unlike e.g. techniques such as UWB, RFID or WiFi, which work with radio waves.

  • Integrated workflow from setting up the device to publishing position data

  • Resistant against distortions from goods, buildings, shelves, environment, radio sources etc.

  • Software assets for the development of location-based intralogistics applications

Image shows forklift in block storage aisle - RTLS localizes precisely here as well

Consistently precise localization in halls and outdoor areas

Real-time localization also in your warehouse

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IdentPro’s system creates transparency and ensures that resources are used sustainably and efficiently in the warehouse. The digitalization of intralogistics is the way for better planning, optimized resource management and cost reduction in the warehouse. Among other things, the key components of LiDAR hardware for scanning the environment with a 2D laser and localization software (client & server) to create native applications that provide real-time visibility of vehicle positions, creates complete warehouse transparency with a single software.

The Warehouse Execution System enables software vendors and vehicle manufacturers to enhance their solutions with position-based functionality. We are pleased that renowned solution providers worldwide trust our IdentPro technology.

Accuracy of ±10 cm …

Picture shows a digital warehouse map in which the RTLS marks the current positions of all forklifts

Vehicle location is performed with a robust 2D LiDAR sensor, which is mounted on the vehicle roof as standard. The 2D laser detects the environment in which a vehicle is currently moving with a detection range of 190°. From the reflected laser beams the position (x,y) and the orientation of the truck is calculated. During commissioning, a digital warehouse map is created for this purpose.

Changes in the environment, e.g. due to different stock levels (block storage full, empty) or other vehicles, are automatically taken into account, so that the digital warehouse map on each vehicle is always up-to-date (live mapping).

The current locations of the vehicles are displayed in real time on the warehouse map. The view is available via browser. The routes of the vehicles are stored in an audit-proof manner.


Image shows a forklift driving into a hall - the RTLS localizes indoor and outdoor
Image shows the digital twin of a company

IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System provides accurate, seamless indoor and outdoor vehicle tracking.
The 2D-LIDAR sensors operate independently of ambient light and weather.