IdentPro DeepHub-Connected: Boosting the future of intralogistics with the omlox standard

Troisdorf, 19.07.2023 – Troisdorf, xx.07.2023 – IdentPro, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for intralogistics, is now officially certified as “DeepHub Connected”. As the first and only provider of LiDAR based localisation using the omlox standard up to now, IdentPro has been accredited through the affiliate programme in close cooperation with omlox partner Flowcate. This connection enables IdentPro to expand its service offering to provide customers with even more efficient process optimisations in an interoperable way.

With the integration of Flowcate, a state-of-the-art data management and analytics provider, IdentPro now has access to a wide range of features and tools to optimise warehouse efficiency and information processing. This connection enables the seamless linking of various identification and tracking systems (RTLS) with existing intralogistics infrastructures, providing logistics operators and leaders with comprehensive real-time monitoring and control of their operations.

DeepHub by Flowcate: Using standardised geodata effectively

Flowcate is an international technology company focused on revolutionising the use of location data in the IoT. With more than 20 years of experience in location-based services, Flowcate’s ambitious and highly skilled team is dedicated to continuously expanding its products to enable the implementation of new and innovative usage instances. As part of their affiliate programme, IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System has been enhanced with the highly acclaimed “DeepHub Connected” certification.

With DeepHub, any auto-ID and location system can now work with the real-time data from IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System. This enhancement opens up the potential for even more comprehensive automated warehouse solutions that cover every type of warehouse requirement.

Omlox standard: Increased planning security through interoperability

IdentPro is a strong advocate of standards in the industry. Adapting to the standardisation of geodata according to omlox enables the seamless integration of different identification and location technologies. This creates a unified and interoperable platform for intralogistics.

“As the first provider of LiDAR-based localisation using the omlox standard, we are very pleased about the DeepHub Connected certification of our solution. The associated opportunities to offer our customers seamless transparency along the entire supply chain is a great added value,” says Dr Martin Welp, Co-CEO of IdentPro. “We strongly believe that standards like omlox will play a central role in the future of the industry. We will continue to work to promote them and support our customers in their implementation.”

We will continue to work to promote them and support our customers in their implementation.” With DeepHub capability and a commitment to standards such as omlox, IdentPro positions itself as a reliable partner for companies looking for an efficient and future-proof intralogistics solution.

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