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Complete transparency in intralogistics: More productivity and reliability in the Refresco warehouse.

Refresco benefits from fully automated warehouse logistics

Digital Twin, forklift guidance system and integration with SAP® EWM.

Refresco Germany is part of the international Refresco Group, which is one of the leading producers of fruit juices and soft drinks in Europe with over 6 billion litres.

The planned expansion of production capacity by 25 % at the largest German site in Erftstadt, as well as the increased loading volume due to the consolidation of two sites, required significantly improved efficiency in the warehouse. Previously, 50 % of all warehouse movements were empty runs and the forklifts were assigned to fixed and inflexible tasks (storage, loading, supplying picking).


  • Reduction of 50% empty forklift trips
  • Intelligent distribution of forklift orders
  • Scan-free processes
  • Production expansion by 25 %
  • Consolidation of two locations
  • Update from SAP® WM to SAP EWM®


  • 13. forklift truck (double-length forks)
  • 35,000 sqm, 38,000 parking spaces
  • 7 transfer points on the conveyor line
  • 36 loading ramps
  • 7,000 movements per day
  • ROI under 15 months

Initial situation

The previous warehouse management system – based on a classic SAP® WM solution with hand scanners – was converted to SAP® EWM
and automatic localisation and identification of the forklifts and pallets by using the integrated 3D forklift guidance system within IdentPro‘s Warehouse Execution System (WES). The use of the WES eliminates the need for scanning during putaway, picking supply and retrieval. Already in the pilot phase, a productivity increase of 20 % could be achieved.

The goal

Refresco‘s goal was to increase process efficiency and eliminate time-consuming mechanical operations such as manual scanning, searching for pallets, storage locations and batches. The warehouse movements should be optimised and made more efficient in order to significantly strengthen the supply chain.

Case Study Download

For even more exciting insights into the Refresco Case Study, you can download it here.


„Our goal was a significant and sustainable improvement of efficiency in the warehouse. After evaluating other solutions for forklift tracking, we decided on the software solution with integrated forklift guidance system from IdentPro. The system works reliably and integrates optimally with SAP® EWM. Today, we transport well over 25% more pallets with an unchanged fleet of forklifts. IdentPro is a constructive and reliable partner. The optimisation of further locations with the forklift control system is planned.“

Michael Belitz
Head of Logistics, Refresco Deutschland GmbH

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