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Increase your
business performance

Increase your business performance

Avoid delivery delays, wrong deliveries, production interruptions, schedule errors due to inventory differences. Our Warehouse Execution System makes a decisive contribution to increase productivity through Industry 4.0. With the digital twin created, our customers have the exact storage location of all goods in real time and achieve increases in performance of more than 20%.



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Digital Twin in Real-Time

Digital Twin
in Real-Time

Full transparency at Sant’Orsola – From the harvest to the supermarket!

Full transparency at Sant’Orsola –
From the harvest to the supermarket!

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Seamless goods tracking & control, fast food processing and shorter delivery times of fresh fruits are now the standard at Sant’Orsola in Northern Italy. With IdentPro’s Warehouse Executions System, all inventory levels can be viewed at any time and in real-time (RTLS). The smart IoT solution ensures greater efficiency and increased profits for the producer cooperative.

At Sant’Orsola, fresh fruits are available on a daily basis. Straight from the field, growers bring their harvest to the modern warehouse in northern Italy. The goods are automatically connected to our system via a conveyor belt after unloading. Our smart twin technology seamlessly tracks all movements of the fruit in the warehouse and controls the transport orders centrally via our software. This ensures timely further processing to enable the best possible yield from the harvest.

Gilberto Osler (IT-Manager, Sant’Orsola)

„With the IdentPro solution we manage all processes in our production faster and better. We have all the information in real-time and the right information about all the goods in the warehouse.“

Sant’Orsola trusts in full transparency through laser localization, digital twin and smart order distribution. IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System leads to a significant increase in productivity, delivery reliability and profit in the modern cold storage warehouse.

Our software solution

Execution System

The Warehouse Execution System from IdentPro is able not only to record the movement of goods, but also to control and optimize it through the virtual mapping of the entire warehouse with accuracy to the second and centimeter. Using WiFi or 4G, the system is in constant exchange with all material moving equipment used – regardless of whether it is a manned or automated vehicle. The vehicles equipped with IoT sensors simultaneously provide up-to-date 3D information about the movement of the currently transported and stored goods as well as the image of the surrounding room geometry. The usual, extremely error-prone process of scanning during storage, transfer or removal is no longer necessary. 

The Warehouse Execution System is also used to route transport orders to the driver terminals or to automated vehicles. A transport that is not recorded by the system is no longer possible. Empty runs are reduced, routes are optimised.

  • Autonomous identification and 3D localization of cargo and warehouse by means of internal transports

  • Control and optimization of transport orders and routes

  • Error-free transports and stocks without scanning

100% virtual image of each warehouse

in existing buildings

ild zeigt einen Stapler, der in eine Halle fährt - das RTLS lokalisiert indoor und outdoor

IoT sensors enable real-time localization of cargo 

We mainly implement our Warehouse Execution System in existing properties and with existing material moving equipment. The type, dimensioning and installation of the warehouse is actually unimportant. The existing transport vehicles will be retrofitted with LIDAR and IoT sensors. This can be implemented with any vehicle for indoor and outdoor use. All moving equipment in the warehouse is now connected to the server of the Warehouse Execution System via WiFi or 4G and provide a virtual image of the current warehouse situation. Conversely, transport orders and warehouse locations are transmitted to the IdentPro driver terminals.  

A connection to an existing or later planned WM (Warehouse Management)/WMS (Warehouse Management System) is possible, but not necessary. 

Through cloud technology, all software is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service).  

  • Retrofitted forklifts navigate drivers and create a virtual image of the warehouse 

  • Bidirectional connection to WM/WMS possible directly or later

  • SAAS reduces investment costs and allows stand-alone operation 


Due to the challenges on the job market, the automation of forklift fleets is an urgent issue in many of our customers’ production logistics. Simple, continuously repetitive transports can already be easily mapped by unmanned vehicles. IdentPro has upgraded various Linde forklift trucks for this purpose. These can search their way independently and without further aids – and can also be used collaboratively. They can be used completely self-sufficient or integrated into IdentPro’s Warehouse Execution System. In the rare event of a malfunction manual operation is possible without losing cargo tracking. An AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is available here under the generic term AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)). This means that it can find its own way without a guide lane or fixed routes, avoid obstacles and, of course, electical loading by induction.  

It may be useful to start initial pilots with an AMR as an isolated solution. However, the later integration capability into the entire intralogistics up to the ERP should always be taken into account.  

  • IdentPro forklifts can drive completely autonomously and collaboratively 

  • Integration into the Warehouse Execution System ensures digital transparency 

  • The Warehouse Execution System can be used to map manned and automated transports in parallel 

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) by IdentPro

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