Warehouse Execution System 4.0

Increased productivity through correct data

The IdentPro Warehouse Execution System (WES) is the DIGITAL LINK between your management systems like SAP® EWM or any other and your warehouse and production supply. The WES offers an unprecedented level of optimization and increase in productivity for the classic warehouse. Our software, augmented by Lidar and IoT sensor technology, not only enables scan-free operations, but also automatically tracks all goods movements. The resulting 3D image of your warehouse is synchronized in real time with your management systems such as WMS and ERP.

Increased efficiency: Highly optimized, coordinated material flows and scan-free operation

Reliability: Faultless and reliable operation of your warehouse

Synchronicity: Correct and synchronous data status in your management systems at all times.

Your benefits at a glance
Your benefits at a glance

Efficiency increase

Vehicle positions, vehicle states and transport orders from the WMS/ERP are evaluated continuously and in real time. On this basis and taking into account relevant criteria, automatic order allocation to individual vehicles takes place. The underlying 3D localization also enables scan-free working. If available, transports are carried out by the autonomous transport robot identpro® CARRI.

  • Dynamic allocation and optimization of transport orders
    using AI in real time

  • Automatic identification and 3D positioning of loads
    using Lidar and IoT sensors
  • Autonomous load transports.

AGV for autonomous collaboration with manned lift trucks

WES 4.0: Optimal fleet deployment and collaboration of manned and autonomous forklifts for a sustainable significant increase in productivity

… meets reliability…

WES 4.0: identpro® TRACK ensures correctly placed pallets and supplies any WMS, ERP, etc. with real-time data for a correct image of the warehouse

Thanks to the automatic and seamless track & trace, the location of all loads is known at all times. Manual steps such as scanning are thus no longer necessary. Potential driver errors are detected by the system even before they occur or the orders are carried out autonomously. Time and location specifications for transport tasks are monitored and thus reliably executed.

  • Automation and digitization of manual activities

  • Correct execution of transport orders at any time

  • Autonomous load transports.

… to revolutionize warehouse operations

The foundation for the automated operation of a warehouse is the digitization of processes, loads and seamless integration with WMS/ERP systems. This is guaranteed for the first time by the IdentPro WES 4.0 solution. Optimal warehouse operation and synchronized data flow even with classic batch-oriented host systems is based on IoT principles. Fully autonomous transports are the goal here.

  • Digital twin technology for warehouse operation

  • Controlled, synchronous data exchange between WMS / ERP and warehouse

  • Autonomous load transports.

Warehouse Execution System 4.0 for digital intralogistics

WES 4.0 for Industry 4.0: identpro® TRACK digitizes and automates the data flow between management systems such as SAP® EWM and transport resources

Warehouse Execution System 4.0 – exclusively from IdentPro

Track & Trace

Your benefits

  • Automatic pallet tracking, 100% transparency
  • Error-free deliveries, guided processes
  • Less empty runs, more productivity
  • Compatible with any WMS / ERP, no need for scanning
  • Savings potential 30%
Logo identpro_TRACK

Warehouse optimization: automatic tracking of pallets, mesh boxes, IBCs, paper rolls, etc. with lift trucks. For correct data in any ERP / WMS. Real time.

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Autonomous Transporter (AMR)

Your benefits

  • Autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Any sources and sinks
  • Use even without WMS / ERP
  • Savings potential 80%
Logo identpro FTF

Warehouse optimization: collaborative and autonomous mobile robot. Your gateway to autonomous intralogistics. Truly autonomous for 24/7 use.

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