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Paperless material flow and integration with SAP

BMW: Paperless internal material transport and error-free deliveries

  • Application: Container tracking and loading control

  • Integration: with SAP® WM

  • Specialty: Integration of freely navigating AGV in resource management

For its intralogistics lighthouse project Supply Center VZ2 at the Landshut location, the BMW Group required a paperless material flow with automatically triggered postings in the ERP system SAP® WM. The aim is to permanently ensure correct deliveries to internal and external customers. In addition, optimal utilization of the transport resources (forklift trucks and AGVs) had to be ensured.

It quickly became clear that the defined goal could only be achieved by foregoing the error-prone scanning of barcodes by forklift drivers. For this reason, the BMW Group selected identpro® TRACK with laser localisation early on. The solution was set when the logistics partner was selected, and since July 2017 the system has been navigating and supporting forklift drivers in the scan-free execution of internal transports. In the background, TRACK monitors all transport orders for correct execution (source, HU, sink).

„We are pleased that the BMW Group has opted for innovative digitization solutions for the internal material flow at the state-of-the-art supply center in Landshut and has therefore opted for our identpro® THERE Forklift Management System. The positive feedback from the BMW Group once again confirms that the digitization of intralogistics leads to substantial increases in productivity while eliminating errors at the same time“.
Michael Wack, Managing Partner IdentPro

Image: Copyright BMW Group

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More productivity in a beverage warehouse

Refresco: more transports by eliminating scanning and reducing empty runs

  • Application: Tracking of pallets without scanning

  • Solution: identpro® TRACK

  • Integration: with SAP® EWM (partner: prismat GmbH)

  • Specialty: Transport of up to 6 load units simultaneously, integration with conveyor technology

Refresco Germany is part of the international Refresco Group, and, with over 6 billion liters, one of the leading producers of fruit juices and soft drinks in Europe today. Task: The consolidation of two locations required a significant improvement in warehouse efficiency. The goal was the complete elimination of any unproductive processes, such as manual barcode scanning, searching for pallets, storage locations and batches. Implementation: The previous warehouse management system, a classic SAP® WM with hand-held scanners, was converted to SAP® EWM with automatic data capture and confirming. For this Refresco decided for the identpro® THERE Forklift Management System with automated localization and identification of the forklifts and pallets alike.

Our goal was a significant and sustainable improvement in warehouse efficiency. After evaluating other solutions for forklift localisation, we decided on the identpro® forklift control system. The system works reliably and integrates optimally into SAP® EWM. Today, we transport well over 25% more pallets with an unchanged fleet of forklifts. IdentPro is a constructive and reliable partner. The optimization of further locations with the Forklift Management System is in planning.“
Michael Belitz, Head of Logistics, Refresco Deutschland GmbH

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Virtual loading lists replace paper

A+C Plastic: Customer deliveries and removal from storage with loading lists and automatic checks for accuracy and completeness

  • Application: Stock transparency, paperless loading and simplified traceability

  • Solution: identpro® TRACK

  • Integration: with DS-SOFTWARE

  • Specialty: Integration of scales; grown, labyrinthine topography

A+C Plastic produces 25,000 tonnes of high-quality industrial packaging made of LDPE film on ultra-modern extrusion lines every year. As one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, A+C Plastic offers individual and tailor-made solutions for all important industrial sectors. In addition, very individual application areas are also served.

In multi-stage production processes, a large number of products and product variants are produced. Semi-finished and finished goods and residual quantities are weighed before storage. The aim of A+C Plastik was to ensure accurate pallet tracking within the warehouse and during dispatch. For loading, the forklift drivers receive loading lists on the forklift terminal and are navigated to the goods required. Completeness and correctness of the loading are checked automatically.

The laser localization on which identpro® TRACK is based has made the introduction of the system in the labyrinthine area considerably easier as it exclusively works with natural environmental characteristics.

„A+C Plastic has decided to digitalize its warehouse and now benefits from 100% inventory transparency. Among other things, this will also considerably speed up the annual stocktaking. Trucks are loaded correctly, more quickly and reliably, as the forklift drivers are directed to each requested pallet.“
Michael Wack, managing partner of IdentPro.

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virtual pick list replace paper

Changeover from SAP WM to SAP EWM

Warsteiner: Avoidance of the scanning obligation with SAP EWM, optimization of empties collection and resource utilization

  • Application: Tracking of pallets without scanning, handling of empties, scan-free factory transport

  • Solutionidentpro® TRACK

  • Integration: with SAP® EWM (Partner: prismat GmbH)

  • Specialty: Transport of up to 12 load units simultaneously, integration with conveyor technology, dialogues at the forklift terminal for empties collection. Loading image for scan-free transports between two plants

The Warsteiner Group is a successful family business exporting beer to over 60 countries, the leading position among German private breweries. Task: After conversion to SAP® EWM, the company will continue to work without barcode scanning. The goal was to achieve complete transparency of full and empty stocks as well as all shipments. At the same time, empty runs are to be reduced and the handling of empties simplified for the forklift drivers. Implementation: identpro® TRACK supplements SAP® EWM and takes over the control of the forklift fleet. Confirmations to EWM take place automatically. By means of an application developed by IdentPro at the forklift terminal, four clicks are sufficient for the collection of empties. Also newly introduced is a “loading image” which enables the scan-free exchange of goods between the locations Warstein and Paderborn.

“The Warsteiner Group follows a clear premium strategy for its products and services and invests according to the motto ‘Innovation and investment by tradition’. The use of state-of-the-art production technology and logistics is seen as an indispensable prerequisite for future-oriented action. We are pleased that the Warsteiner Group has chosen our 3D forklift guidance system identpro® TRACK. Both production and customers benefit from error-free supply thanks to integrated process monitoring. Optimization algorithms and full inventory transparency ensure a sustained increase in productivity.”
Michael Wack, managing partner of IdentPro

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